Mission & Vision

RAASE seeks to end the demand for sexually exploited individuals through preventative measures, victim protection, accountability of violators, and community engagement.

We care about the victims of sexual exploitation. If you are being exploited, pimped or trafficked and want help, call the National Human Trafficking Hot Line at the 24/7 Hotline 888-373-7888.

We are an organization that will work to change our community's perception and definition of sexual exploitation. Sexual exploitation is defined as someone, through the use of coercion, force or manipulation benefits financially from the sexual sale of another person. A pimp or a handler of the victims of prostitution and a strip club manager that benefits from dancers working and offering themselves for sale are considered traffickers. Local lingerie stores that do not really sell lingerie but offer sexual services are simply modern day brothels. Sexual exploitation is a crime. There are victims. RAASE, Inc. wants to change the community's perception of the crimes, protect those victims of sexual exploitation, and hold the violators accountable.

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