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6/5/2019 2:54:00 PM

NEW LOOK - What a gift!
We had the pleasure of working with the talented staff of Colorword Creative, Inc. They saw our HT101 presentation and were moved to gift RAASE with a beautiful, strong new logo. We couldn't be happier with the NEW LOOK! Stay tuned for our website changes and updates, coming next! 

DROP-IN Center is Heating Up!
It's finally warming up - Summer is here and the doors are wide open for women at our new Drop-In Center. Due to recent activity, our advocates have expanded the hours to include Tuesday evenings, Wednesdays all day, and Thursday evenings (testing the demand through June). We have also expanded our outreach on the streets! Last week we celebrated with our first birthday party for a guest...the joy on her face will never be forgotten.

We have SUMMER NEEDS! We are in need of two window air conditioners for this old but beautifully renovated two story home. If you can help please email for more details.

Family Peace Center - PROGRESS!   
RAASE was excited to be part of a two-day planning/strategy session with the City of Rockford's Technical Assistance Partners - Alliance for Hope - to bring our new Family Peace Center to Rockford. Beautiful VISION flowed from over 200 attendees (the largest group Alliance for Hope has ever had at a community strategy session). We are so proud to stand with every community member to bring a "one stop shop" for the survivors of Human Trafficking, Domestic and Sexual Violence.

ENDING THE DEMAND! RAASE is so grateful to our law enforcement partners, the City of Rockford, and the Mayor's Office of Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Prevention for closing down the two "lingerie modeling shops". Keep following the local news as progress is made to keep them closed!

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