Protection and Restoration

We have an alliance of organizations that can offer services to survivors of sex trafficking who want help.  If you would like assistance please call 815-298-6635 or 815-298-4072.

From a Survivor

               "One night I was at a house that was raided for forced prostitution.  I was questioned by a Deputy and while I was being questioned something came over me.  I blurted out "can you help me get treatment?"  I could tell the deputy was both suprised and happy that I asked.  He gave me a contact for RAASE, told me a little about them as well as law enforcement’s part in helping RAASE.  I'll be completely honest I was nervous and almost half hoping they wouldn't call back.  So I called and left a message and within about 24 hrs I received a call letting me know that Amber would be getting ahold of me.  The first time Amber called I was really nervous.  After we got to talking I began to feel very relaxed and comfortable.  Her voice was very soothing and with her having a similar past she knew how I felt and it made me feel more comfortable talking to her.  We talked several times that week and decided to meet for lunch.  I figured we might as well, feeling like we had known each other forever.  Since then we have become good friends.  The people of RAASE have helped me get into a great program which not only deals with substance abuse but human trafficking/sexual exploitation as well.  This, for me, is a major plus!  I believe that Amber and RAASE are guardian angels sent from God.  Without RAASE and the help and support of my family and Amber I would either be in jail, prison, or worse… dead.  I would like to thank the task force that was there that night, RAASE, RFW and my family for everything they have done and continue to do."


Rockford Area Human Service Providers


Rockford Rescue Mission 

Pregnancy Care Center


Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling

HOPE Center in Ogle County

Salvation Army – STOP IT Program Chicago

Legal Assistance Foundation of Metropolitan Chicago



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