Maureen Mostacci


Maureen Mostacci is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker receiving her degree from the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign and currently the Director of Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling. She has worked with Rockford Sexual Counseling for 22 years serving as Director since 1996. Maureen provides direct services to survivors of sexual assault and abuse as well as Professional Training and Prevention Education. 

She has held several positions in the State-wide organization including Convener and Program Committee Chair.  Prior to that Maureen taught Special Education and Transitional classes for academically at-risk children in Loves Park Illinois. 

Volunteer work includes the American Red Cross Crisis as a Crisis Mental Health Responder, facilitating children’s bereavement groups through Northern Illinois Hospice and Grief Center and membership on the Institutional Review Board of the UIC School of Medicine at Rockford.

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