Brittney Fry


Brittney is a Rockford native with an interest in working to make our community a better place. She works as Director of Case Management at the Pregnancy Care Center, and was previously a mental health clinician at Rosecrance Ware Center. She was an on-call advocate for Rockford Sexual Assault Counseling for 7 years, answering hotline crisis calls and meeting girls and women in local hospitals after a sexual assault or related incident.

In 2011, she spent 3 months living in Greece working with the A21 Campaign, an organization working with victims of human trafficking. There she worked in their shelter which aimed to promote safety, build life-skills, and provide education, advocacy, and follow-up care for all of the women and girls there. She joined the RAASE board in 2015 and is Lead Advocate, handling most survivor interactions and training volunteers. 


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