Nicole Ticknor

Advisor (Non voting)

Nikki Ticknor is a Licensed Professional Counselor since 2013 and a Certified Domestic Violence Professional since 2008.
Nikki began her career as a victim advocate at a community Domestic Violence Service Provider, Remedies, where she provided residential and non-residential advocacy and case management, crisis intervention, and legal advocacy. Following this, she was a probation officer in the Domestic Violence Unit for Winnebago County Adult Probation where she supervised a specialized caseload of domestic violence offenders. She was then promoted to supervisor of the DV Unit, Assessment Unit, and Presentence Investigation Units at Adult Probation and remained in that position until June 2017. Nikki then spent a year and a half in private practice as a mental health clinician and provided individual and couples counseling within her practice, as well a vicarious trauma, art therapy, and trauma informed yoga groups for Remedies clients and staff. In December 2018 she returned to Winnebago County to serve as project manager for the Domestic Violence Coordinated Courts and Domestic Violence Homicide Prevention Initiative.
Nikki has been involved in the creation and coordination of the Domestic Violence Impact Panel and Domestic Violence Enhanced Response Team, is a member of the Domestic Violence Coordinated Community Response and Family Violence Coordinating Council, a member of the City of Rockford Mayor’s Office on Domestic Violence and Human Trafficking Task Force, and was a previous employee and now current Vice-President of Children’s Safe Harbor- the local supervised visitation and safe exchange program. She has been involved in the Domestic Violence Coordinated Courts and DV Mentor Courts since they began in 2012 and 2014, respectively. She also serves as a peer-reviewer for the U.S. Department of Justice Office of Justice Programs. She has provided and participated in multiple presentations and community awareness events focused on intimate- partner violence and education.
Nikki lives in Rockford, IL with her husband and two children. She enjoys running, reading, and knitting in her free time and is a certified yoga instructor.


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